Axed News Weekly (03 Aug – 10 Aug)



Asia’s MSCI Asia Pacific Index rose 3% for the week as better US economic data and Chinese stimulus hopes spurred investor confidence, the S&P 500 also rose slightly by 1.1% on similar hopes. The European Stoxx 600 increased by 1.6% on better than expected corporate earnings and stimulus hopes for the region. Meanwhile, geopolitical concerns and North Sea supply constraints induced Crude oil prices to rise for the week with Brent Crude gaining 3% to end at $112.95 a barrel.


What are the implications of Pakistan’s political instability to regional security? (With nuclear weapons thrown in the mix)

The US drought has begun to affect food prices globally with corn surging 60%, dangerous for Asia and Sri Lanka in particular as it battles the affects of high inflation and economic volatility.

The RBI is unable to use monetary policy to boost the economy due to mismanagement of India’s government finances. Sri Lanka itself faces higher inflation, and questions as to whether it is capable of meeting its deficit reduction targets

Monsoon trouble has seriously affected Indian cotton crops, which will in turn affect cotton prices globally and impact Sri Lanka’s number one export item; garments

Standard Chartered Bank came under a spate of accusations of laundering Iranian money.

The Eurozone still flounders, not a good prospect for near term Sri Lankan exports to the region, meanwhile, ideas for possible solutions to the area’s problems are still being thrown around.

The Big (Global) Business that is the MBA


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