Axed News Weekly (13 Aug – 17 Aug)


The S&P 500 index rose by 0.9% for the week on optimistic expectations from Europe while the European Stoxx 600 climbed 0.6% to a 13 month high. The MSCI Asia Pacific Index again saw a slight rise (0.2%) based on positive comments from the Chinese premier and expectations of a US recovery. Brent crude pared larger weekly gains and advanced only 75 cents as North Sea output looked to rebound and investors engaged in profit taking.


How can the ‘resource curse’ be turned into a ‘resource blessing’ or how can countries avoid the resource curse altogether? Relevant to Sri Lanka as possible discovery of commercially viable oil reserves loom.

A look at Columbia’s problems amidst the benefits it stands to gain with its US FTA. Throw in natural resources in the mix and you have large internal risks; relevant to Sri Lanka in terms of its trade partnership with India.

Has India‘s ‘growth miracle’ has finally ended?

Wealth and riches haven’t really bought the Chinese a lot of happiness.

The Harvard Business Review on why marketing, as we know it, is dead

Science says vacations and breaks are good for productivity


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